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Thursday 27 July
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Like with most good art, I learned of Gregory Daniel through word of mouth in the community. Friends I know and trust told me - and showed me - the amazing work he and his wife/partner Lesa had completed throughout the years and I was mesmerized. The detail and depth of emotion captured through his photography and painting put forth vibrant, living images - not two-dimensional pictures. 
I decided to work with Gregory and Lesa to capture a transitional moment in time for my 13-year-old daughter, Lily Grace. So much had changed for her in the past year. New relationships were forming, while she still clung deeply to the safety and love of mom and dad. Daily, I watched as she reached for independence, dipping her toes in the water of teendom. Yet, somehow, my beautiful, soulful, considerate baby girl was still looking to me and her dad for acknowledgment, support and strength. 
We decided to photograph Lily at the Titusville garden, behind the Daniel’s studio. The day was magnificent, with blue skies and cottony clouds and soft, glowing light filtering through the leaves. Gregory and Lesa worked tirelessly to capture Lily’s best angles, but what came across most to me was the innocence they found in her eyes; still searching, still trusting... my precious child somehow transformed to this stunning she-creature, straddling both childhood and adulthood at the same time. 
The work speaks volumes for itself, but this work truly - and masterfully - stopped time in its tracks. I can’t slow the growth of my young daughter, but I will forever be grateful for the time travel I will be able to take as the years march on and I stop to glance at the beautiful artwork created by Gregory and Lesa Daniel. 
With sincere appreciation for your professionalism and talent, 
Shawna Serig Kelsch
Tuesday 18 July
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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"I would like to thank Gregory Daniel Portrait Artist for the amazing experience! Everything was organized and done professionally. The staff goes above and beyond!! Words can't describe how happy and pleased we are with our portraits. Thank you!"

Dania Itani


Creating personal, world class art for the Basil & Dania Itani Family was delightful!  Just a little side note about the camera study itself... the day of the camera study, the weather turned cold, not chilly, but cold.  To add insult to injury, the youngest boy was sick and had a fever.  The children relaxed their shoulders and stopped their teeth from chattering every time Gregory told them he was ready.  The entire family knew how important these portraits are, and all rose to the occasion. However, when viewing the mixed media paintings on the walls, no one would ever know!  

Wednesday 14 June
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Brevard Rescue Mission Donation

Breaking The Cycle of Homelessness

Join us in donating a future today to the Brevard Rescue Mission.  Opportunity tomorrow begins with the tools of the present.  From education and training to basic food and shelter, see how you can help mothers with young children to not only get on their feet but to stay there. 

Gregory has set aside June 23rd and 24th to create stunning personalized world class art for you in his Fine Art Black and White Style.  Just call 321-269-1567, text 321-480-1145 or email to secure your time. 

Wednesday 07 June
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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There are really no words that truly capture the unique experience and bond that is formed when working with Gregory & Lesa Daniel.  For those of you reading this who have done portraits with them before, you know exactly what I’m talking about! And for those of you who are considering doing one, all I can tell you is that you will never regret it!!  Gregory and Lesa are a true team in every sense of the word who set the bar in excellence, professionalism and unbelievable talent.  It is very much a collaborative experience from start to finish with Lesa and Gregory who are not just merely listening to your ideas and what you have in mind, they have this rare and highly intuitive ability of grasping, feeling, and visualizing what you are looking for in your portrait.  They are able to tap into who you and your family are, your personalities and how you interact with one another and then draw it out in ways on that canvas that will literally reduce you to tears the first time you see it. (Note to self, have tissues in purse on that day!!)  This was the second time that we were doing a family portrait with the Daniels. The first time, the boys were 5 & 8 yrs old and having meltdowns over the shoes they were wearing or the color of the sky that day.  I had no idea what to expect.  I just remember being terrified when Lesa shooed my husband and I inside saying…”for the next hour, your kids are OUR’s, We’ve got this so go relax indoors!!” …And silently I was thinking, UmmHmm…Okay, Good luck with that one!! & smugly banking on one or both of them coming back to us in 10 minutes or less saying we need some help with these little monkeys!!  I could not have been more wrong.  The end result of that day proudly hangs in our Family Room visible from almost every other room in the house.  What they captured was this incredibly sweet and genuine moment between brothers that back then (and even now) is rarely seen!! To this day, I joke and say that portrait is what has kept my faith alive that some day these boys will be the best of friends instead of going out of their way to constantly annoy one another. And when there is nothing but chaos throughout the house, I look at that portrait, smile and remind myself that those sweet angels are still in there somewhere and should resurface at some point in the next 5-8 years give or take a few! :-)  I’m joking of course, but for those of you with teenagers, I know you can relate.  So with our first Daniels experience successfully tucked under our belts, collaborating on this second portrait taken last summer down in the Exumas was nothing but fun fun fun from start to finish!  The boys are now 12 and 15 and instead of throwing temper tantrums over their shoes, they were actually looking forward to it and helping me shop for their outfits.  Gregory and Lesa flew in at the tail end of our trip which gave us some time to stake out ideal shooting locations, but at the end of the day it was my oldest son Jack who landed the perfect spot as he and our youngest son, Michael were showing Gregory and Lesa around the property of the home we had rented. My husband and I were still inside getting ready to go to a beach location we chose, but in sharing their stories and adventures with Gregory and Lesa, the Daniels took that opportunity and kicked it into high gear with Gregory snapping away shots on his camera and Lesa instinctively keeping the conversation flowing as the boys were excitedly pointing out landmarks and points of interest to them.  And as with our first portrait, Gregory managed to capture a new genuinely sweet moment and that bond between these two brothers which not only instills my faith but reinforces that even with the daily chaos, our boys are growing into amazing young men with depth to their souls, a deep connection to these islands and a love and respect for each other that will forever be with them.   I am so thankful to have had the pleasure of Gregory and Lesa on this trip with us, as our bonds with them are forever solidified in these beautiful portraits and amazing moments captured that tell the 'story of us' over the years so beautifully!!  

Most Appreciative & Thankful for you both,
Cheryl & John Sottile  

Wednesday 24 May
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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"Every year it is a challenge of what to get my husband for Father's Day. So I thought long and hard of a gift to give that would really surprise him and something very unexpected. I wanted it to be everlasting and bring him joy everyday. A portrait of his biggest achievement, our daughter Skyler. Gregory Daniel captured our daughter beautifully. The innocence of a three year old is portrayed elegantly through this timeless piece. Almost a year has passed and I still catch myself stopping and staring at the portrait in our living room. Everyone that we welcome into our home compliments on the work of art. It will truly be cherished forever, and for my husband, he was elated."
Tia Broadway

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