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Wednesday 27 March
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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As parents, it seems our children are all grown up in just the blink of an eye, and Paul and Debbie Keller are no strangers to this phenomenon.  It has been our joy to capture their girls' personalities from such a tender toddler age to the beautiful souls these girls have grown into as adults.  With Lesa's guidance through clothing selection and customization of each portrait, the pieces perfectly compliment the Keller family style.  Now as Paul & Debbie walk through their home each day, they are able to look back and retrace the fond memories of time well spent with Taylor and Rachael.  

Call and let Lesa do the guiding for your portrait so that before you blink, those memories aren't lost.

Wednesday 20 March
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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New Home or Renovation? Make it more, make it a memory.

It is such a treasure how the Bryne family commemorated their new home with a Gregory Daniel Portrait. The overwhelm can get to be a bit much with clothing choices, size and portrait placement.  Yet with Lesa’s presence at every step, they were effortlessly able to customize their portrait to perfection. Not only is this world-class piece of art custom for their home, it is also a stamp in time of exactly who they were at this sweet stage of their story. As the years go by, Ashley & Bill will be able to steal a moment back from history’s grasps each time they see those loving faces looking back at them on the wall.

Call and let Lesa guide you so your family too can steal a treasure in time before it turns to history. 



Wednesday 24 October
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Have you wanted a Gregory Daniel Portrait but all your family members are out of town except during the holidays?  Are your children returning home from college for Thanksgiving or for Christmas break but you aren’t sure of the dates??  If so, secure the dates with them and contact us.   There are currently 3 open times for the Thanksgiving long weekend, and 6 left for the Christmas holidays!  Hurry, as they won’t last!

Thursday 27 September
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Christmas & Holiday Card Event!

It may feel like summer here with temperatures still in the mid 90’s, but fall has arrived. Fall brings with it so many great things: football games, pumpkin everything, time with family and sessions for Christmas & Holiday cards.  (Wait, did they say Christmas & Holiday cards?) Yes!

Is your family celebrating a milestone this year? Maybe you’re celebrating a little ones first year of school, a graduation or the family is altogether which hardly ever happens. 

Maybe you are the one in your family who always plans the Christmas & Holiday card session and you are fresh out of ideas. Sometimes this can be overwhelming and you don’t have time to plan it all out. 

Let us be your guide and help you with the coordination of clothing, selecting a location and choosing a day and time that works best for you and your family.  

Dates and times are going quickly, so contact the studio to get on the calendar. You will be so glad you did. 

We hope to see you soon!

Wednesday 29 August
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Stacy and Mike Williams came to us when their daughter was turning 1 year old.  The request was to create a timeless portrait of her in a style which would be repeatable when they had other children.  Together we decided on this white, high key look.  To add to the sentimentality, Stacy had a dress from when she was a child, which she wanted her daughter to wear.   Fast forward to today.  Her son is now 1 year old and it is his turn.  The look is the same and the special accessory for him, his mother’s baby shoes.  What a joy it is to see the light these two precious children bring into the world.

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