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Continue below to experience how your neighbors have displayed what means the most to them, and how their own portraits have not only transformed their beautiful homes but also enriched their beautiful lives.


Wednesday 21 March
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Gregory's "Breath of Spring" Artist Project is a tribute to the old masters Monet, Cassat and Pino.  Visually captivating of children in a medium to high key style with the breath of light and airy.  Color palette of whites and pastels play through his latest project.   


Wednesday 14 March
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Lori Hofmann has had the vision of portraits of her children and family for many years. As each of her 3 boys became seniors, she invested in portraits that depict their personalities.  Now Alyssa, the youngest, is a senior and and it is her turn.  Alyssa has a deep love for horses and animals in general and wanted to portray that feeling in her portrait. Watching her with Monte, the horse in the portrait, was like watching an animal whisperer.  She had him completely under control and he certainly wanted to please her with everything he did.  At the end the camera study, Alyssa, and her mom, Lori, were heading to the barn.  A perfect opportunity to symbolize this season in her life, her last child heading off to college.  Beautiful in so many different ways.
Alyssa will be attending the University of Florida in the fall.  She would eventually like to be a veterinarian, specializing in aquatic animals.  Yet from what I saw, she could be a veterinarian of any creature in the animal kingdom.

Tuesday 27 February
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Ginny and Perry Osman are a delightful couple who have been a staple in the Melbourne area for most of their lives with Osman Lincoln-Mercury, the involvement they have had in the community, and with their three children and grandchildren.
With a growing number of grandchildren and limited wall space, Ginny was concerned about hanging another portrait on another wall, understandably so.  In talking about her options, we decided upon a footprint wall.  She brought out the portraits she had of her children and grandchildren and Greg arranged them first on the floor and then on her wall.  Happily, Ginny said over and over, “This looks so warm and inviting”.  The Osmans enjoyed the new wall with a family dinner that very evening.

Friday 05 January
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Stephen Covey states in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, "Begin with the end in mind. " The whimsical portrait of beautiful Miss Savanna Ware, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Ware, exemplifies this principle to the tee. We began this journey with Marcia's visit to the Gallery for a Design Consultation. After discussing many different options, we decided that their home would be simply the perfect location for the camera study. After all, it does play a rather large role in who they are. We knew where Marcia had set her heart on hanging the image so we started with that in mind. The portrait size was determined by the space above the mantle, just where Marcia had envisioned it. All of the colors in the image itself, are represented in the Ware's home and compliment her style beautifully. When it came time to choose a frame, the family chose an enchanting wooden piece daintily finished with ornate roses that would sweetly bring out the pattern in Savanna's dress.

Tuesday 21 November
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Heather Loyd told us she had to have the girls’ portraits created at this time because she did one when Allison, the oldest, was missing her front teeth.  Alivia was now missing hers and would be the perfect timing!   
A perfect time for a child’s portrait is before or right when they loose their teeth!  After that, their face changes and they begin to look older!
Having just moved into their new “old” home, the Loyds wanted a portrait to commentate this special time.  When they wonder what the girls looked like when they moved in, all they have to do is look above the fireplace!
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