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Wednesday 11 July
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Gregory's "Classic Summer" Artist Project is his continued tribute to the old masters Monet, Cassat and Pino.  Visually captivating of children in a low key style.  Palette of blues, grays and warm colors play through his latest project.

Wednesday 11 April
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Caring Hearts Benefit will be held this Saturday, April 14, at the home of Ed and Jeanne Andre’, as it has been for the last 16 years. Enjoy an evening in this beautiful back yard while helping support the Cancer Care Center Foundation. Please join them this Saturday in "Every Cloud has a Silver Lining".

16th Annual Caring Hearts Benefit

April 14 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Wednesday 04 April
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Creating a beautiful Christmas card was the beginning…..

The day of the camera study, the weather was not cooperative and I was able to take only one image before the thunder, lightning and  heavy rain began.  Feeling sure it was a wash (pun intended) by everyone except me, we went home.
As you can see, the portrait is beautiful and one is all we needed.   Christmas cards were ordered and Erin felt this portrait hanging above their bed would be amazing.  Of course, she wanted to talk to her husband, Jon, about it to make sure he was onboard.  Surprisingly, he told her not right now.  She couldn’t quite understand why he didn’t agree but it was what it was.
Fast forward to right before Christmas.  Jon contacted us and he wanted the portrait for Erin as a gift and wanted it as a surprise!!!!  Since our mixed media portraits take 8-10 weeks to complete, we created a presentation for him, which he could give her on Christmas morning.  It was perfect!  She was completely surprised and he quickly became "Husband of the Year". The portrait now hangs beautifully above their bed.

Wednesday 21 March
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Gregory's "Breath of Spring" Artist Project is a tribute to the old masters Monet, Cassat and Pino.  Visually captivating of children in a medium to high key style with the breath of light and airy.  Color palette of whites and pastels play through his latest project.   


Wednesday 14 March
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Lori Hofmann has had the vision of portraits of her children and family for many years. As each of her 3 boys became seniors, she invested in portraits that depict their personalities.  Now Alyssa, the youngest, is a senior and and it is her turn.  Alyssa has a deep love for horses and animals in general and wanted to portray that feeling in her portrait. Watching her with Monte, the horse in the portrait, was like watching an animal whisperer.  She had him completely under control and he certainly wanted to please her with everything he did.  At the end the camera study, Alyssa, and her mom, Lori, were heading to the barn.  A perfect opportunity to symbolize this season in her life, her last child heading off to college.  Beautiful in so many different ways.
Alyssa will be attending the University of Florida in the fall.  She would eventually like to be a veterinarian, specializing in aquatic animals.  Yet from what I saw, she could be a veterinarian of any creature in the animal kingdom.

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