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Thursday 13 June
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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If you are like me, many people said life would be so different after children.  I had no idea what all the buzz was about until that first moment when each of our girls were born.  There are no words, stories or books that could prepare for that special moment.  These girls are beyond a gift to us everyday.  We are truly blessed with their love. Looking back at all the dance recitals, cheer camps and evenings at the dinner table talking about their day will stay with me forever.  I walk by this portrait every day, and I am eternally grateful to have this reminder of that special space in my heart.

From one Daddy to another

Tuesday 28 May
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Natalie Trio’s lovely long silhouette alongside the modern feel of her dress had Gregory looking for the perfect place to create a light and bright portrait of her. The beautiful lines created by this banister in the home of Mary Collins were the perfect compliment to the lines of her dress.  Using this gorgeous natural light, he created a simple yet beautifully complex modern statement, perfect for depicting Natalie.

Are you more modern or more classic?  From traditional to edgy, allow Gregory and Lesa to be your guides from style, to clothing choices, to sizing. They will help fill that void on your wall with the portrait of your dreams.

Tuesday 23 April
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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A window of time opens where the absolute inner essence of a child's personality shines through in everything they do. This window of innocent joy and full personality is the perfect time to create a portrait. Becca and Rob Novo seized the opportunity to document this time before it became a memory of their little one. The finished embellished portrait of Beatriz captures the true way she sees the world in these precious years, while adorning the wall as a perfectly sized piece of art for their family. Décor trends come and go, but a statement piece like this one will never go out of style.


Is it time to capture the joy of your child? Let Lesa guide you with our 3 easy steps to having a beautiful portrait of your little one.


Thursday 11 April
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Lana Rukab is not only stunning, but also a high school senior, athlete, and South Brevard Debutante. She arrived for her portrait session with 3 dresses, all equally beautiful.  When it was time for Lesa to help her choose the one, the decision was very easy.   With Lana’s skin and hair color, as well as being a strong athlete...the strength of the red dress was the obvious pick. This beautiful portrait will hang in the family home for years to come.


Choosing the right clothing makes all the difference in your portrait.  


Would you like Lesa to help you?  Start with the clothing guide.

Wednesday 27 March
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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As parents, it seems our children are all grown up in just the blink of an eye, and Paul and Debbie Keller are no strangers to this phenomenon.  It has been our joy to capture their girls' personalities from such a tender toddler age to the beautiful souls these girls have grown into as adults.  With Lesa's guidance through clothing selection and customization of each portrait, the pieces perfectly compliment the Keller family style.  Now as Paul & Debbie walk through their home each day, they are able to look back and retrace the fond memories of time well spent with Taylor and Rachael.  

Call and let Lesa do the guiding for your portrait so that before you blink, those memories aren't lost.

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