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Thursday 27 September
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Christmas & Holiday Card Event!

It may feel like summer here with temperatures still in the mid 90’s, but fall has arrived. Fall brings with it so many great things: football games, pumpkin everything, time with family and sessions for Christmas & Holiday cards.  (Wait, did they say Christmas & Holiday cards?) Yes!

Is your family celebrating a milestone this year? Maybe you’re celebrating a little ones first year of school, a graduation or the family is altogether which hardly ever happens. 

Maybe you are the one in your family who always plans the Christmas & Holiday card session and you are fresh out of ideas. Sometimes this can be overwhelming and you don’t have time to plan it all out. 

Let us be your guide and help you with the coordination of clothing, selecting a location and choosing a day and time that works best for you and your family.  

Dates and times are going quickly, so contact the studio to get on the calendar. You will be so glad you did. 

We hope to see you soon!

Wednesday 29 August
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Stacy and Mike Williams came to us when their daughter was turning 1 year old.  The request was to create a timeless portrait of her in a style which would be repeatable when they had other children.  Together we decided on this white, high key look.  To add to the sentimentality, Stacy had a dress from when she was a child, which she wanted her daughter to wear.   Fast forward to today.  Her son is now 1 year old and it is his turn.  The look is the same and the special accessory for him, his mother’s baby shoes.  What a joy it is to see the light these two precious children bring into the world.

Monday 23 July
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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When someone loves you, the way they move around you is different.  You feel safe and comfortable.  
In creating for families, I look for those subtle movements that say, I love you.   The way Stacy and Drew (their son) are holding hands and how Logan (their daughter), is snuggled up to her daddy, Andrew exemplify emotions of safety, comfortable and love.  Their love for one another shows and that is exactly what I want to commemorate.
The Zabinski’s have  a lovely home with a mixture of modern pieces along with some beautiful antiques as well as a big beautiful rustic table. Stacy wanted the portrait to go in a place of honor in her home, the dining room.  As you can see, the style of “Today’s Classics” fits perfectly.  Also, as trends change, her portrait will blend.
And as a side note, Logan has on the cutest shoes!

Wednesday 11 July
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Gregory's "Classic Summer" Artist Project is his continued tribute to the old masters Monet, Cassat and Pino.  Visually captivating of children in a low key style.  Palette of blues, grays and warm colors play through his latest project.

Wednesday 11 April
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Caring Hearts Benefit will be held this Saturday, April 14, at the home of Ed and Jeanne Andre’, as it has been for the last 16 years. Enjoy an evening in this beautiful back yard while helping support the Cancer Care Center Foundation. Please join them this Saturday in "Every Cloud has a Silver Lining".

16th Annual Caring Hearts Benefit

April 14 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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