Our Favorite Clothing Stores
Thursday 05 September
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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What are the best stores to shop for portrait clothing?

This is a common question we get while planning a family's portrait session, and there is no wrong answer.  We encourage families to wear clothing that fits the style and personality of the room in which the portrait will hang.  It's important to stick with styles of clothing and colors that make you feel comfortable and the most confident.  Most likely you have something in your closet that will work.  If you are looking for a new outfit or trying to coordinate your family's outfits, there are some local and online stores you can check out.

You'll find some of these stores are a one stop shop for everyone which can make shopping easy.  Be sure to showcase each person's individual style and don't forget the accessories!

For tips and ideas on coordinating clothing and using color palettes just request our Complimentary Clothing Guide and Pat will send you an email shortly.

Mica & Molly's       


Vineyard Vines     




J Crew                

J. Mclaughlin       


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