Thursday 22 September
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Having this trophy in my possession for the last year has been amazing, but now I have to pass it on to this year’s winner of the prestigious Becker Award.

The Becker Award is given to Best In Show at the state’s professional photography competition known as FPP Salon Competition. The award is given to Best Overall, in all categories, in that year. In September 2015, Greg was honored with this award over many hundreds of other entrees.

The portrait which took him to this great place of honor is Backstage and is of Jenna Theofiledes from Indialantic. This was created in his Indialantic gallery during a Captured Innocence Camera Study.

Greg loves working on his artist project “Captured Innocence”. These camera studies are of children and young adults doing what they do. For example, a ballet dancer, a musical instrument player, a football player, martial arts, gymnast, surfer or as simple as journaling or reading a book are all great subjects for this project. He is always looking for new subjects for this project and welcomes requests.

Wednesday 07 September
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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We have been blessed to have Greg photograph our children since they were toddlers. Greg and Lesa have an amazing ability to create a natural and relaxed environment allowing the opportunity to catch that perfect moment. My husband and I absolutely love this portrait, which truly illustrates how much we adore our children. I am so happy to have a beautiful portrait that captures all of the little details that may escape our memories. Looking forward to our next session!  

Monet Allen

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