Wednesday 10 August
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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"Roger and I decided to have our portrait done last year. As Roger's illness progressed, we wanted to have a beautiful and permanent reminder of our  deep love for each other. Greg captured that love and we will be forever grateful.
Roger is under crisis care now with Hospice of St. Francis and one of our portraits is right by his side.
We will forever be grateful to Greg and Lesa for creating our beautiful portrait."

Side note: Roger peacefully passed on shortly after this was written, and we pray the portraits continue to give Marian strength throughout the years to come.

Wednesday 27 July
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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“We wanted to capture our entire family. We have had portraits from Gregory Daniel in the past that did not include our youngest. She always looked up at the portrait on the wall and asked where she was. We knew that there is no one better at capturing our family than Gregory Daniel. Thank you for the amazing memories!!”
Love, Natalie Decker

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