Thursday 26 May
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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"Words cannot describe how happy we were when we saw our portrait. Wow, is an understatement! Gregory and Lesa are a dream team. They truly collaborate with their clients. Gregory makes you feel at ease and has a great eye for capturing who you really are. In the end, we were presented with our stunning portrait that made our family a timeless piece of art. It is truly a breathtaking masterpiece. My formal living room can testify for that... Nobody notices the new furniture, It's all about the portrait!!! Working with Gregory and Lesa was the best decision we made."

Mauricio & Jamie

Thursday 12 May
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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When we think of reflections it's often through a mirror, but this reflection is a true captured moment in our life. There's no greater masterpiece than the story that we write when we think about our children. This piece that was created by Lesa and Gregory Daniel captured that perfect “Story Book” cover that we will forever cherish. After five years of not really knowing what to put in our entryway this artwork was the perfect addition. It gives our friends and family a glimpse into our story we call life.


This portrait allows us to stop and reflect on all the childhood memories our children are creating together from the wisdom they've learned to the stories they share. A true essence of their captured innocence.


Creating each masterpiece with Lesa and Greg is a story in itself. The incredible craftsmanship goes to show the love and passion Greg has for photography. I've always been a curious soul, wanting to know more about people that have a passion in life and what's behind that beautiful trademark. Greg has earned over 428 merits, he’s one of 40 members internationally inducted into the Cameracraftsman of America, and serves as an educator in his industry. These are just a few highlights that make his artistry work nationally known but from a hometown perspective it's their customer service that stands out. So thank you Greg and Lesa for cultivating a brand that speaks to all levels of perfection, the end result year after year always surpasses my expectation. Your hardwork and dedication is greatly appreciated.


Brandi Beckstein

2015 Portrait Guide