Wednesday 30 September
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Prieto Family
Creating a stunning piece of art for the Prieto’s beautiful home was truly our pleasure.  But I do have to say, our most favorite part was the story relayed to us by Mrs. Prieto from her eldest son. He is a teenager who I am sure would rather have been elsewhere but took one for the team.  So the story goes, after the camera study was over, the Prieto's took their family to dinner where said teenager mentioned to his mother that having the family’s portrait done on the beach was actually really fun! Success!

Thursday 06 August
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Copy the following into your browser and listen to an interview with Greg and Lesa


Greg and Lesa

Today, Gregory & Lesa Daniel are members of some of the world’s most prestigious photographic societies. It started when Greg, a 12 year old kid, suffering an injury that forced him into a Photography class instead of sports.

“As part of the course, we had to develop a roll of film,” he explains. That, by default, required SHOOTING a roll of film. Stay through the end of the conversation to hear Greg explain how his subject, the gentleman in the photo, “breathed the life of Photography–into ME!” Click to Tweet

Along the way, you’ll hear how Greg & Lesa met. It’s likely the world’s most tired, overused, trite story: “The first time I saw her, I was working on the Space Shuttle . . . .” 

[Literally. He was actually working on the Space Shuttle.]

You’ll also hear how the art world has shaped Greg & Lesa’s work–starting with the difference between an $80,000 artwork and one that’s $4,000.

A few other quotable quotes from today’s episode:

“The purpose of this [interview] has been to make you uncomfortable.”

“Create a business that you love, and that you love to live in, and live through your business.”

“Don’t quit your day job.”

Wednesday 29 July
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Andre Living

For several years we had desired a portrait by Gregory, of our daughter, Jessica. Between college and life issues it never seemed to be convenient. When Jessica saw our portrait and our grandchildren’s portrait, and heard how fun and painless it was, we made it a priority.  We then had our family portrait and Jessica’s done. We could not be happier with the finished portrait. It is a beautiful work of art.

Thursday 04 June
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“Gregory and Lesa have always been able to capture the inner essence of our girls.  In every camera study, they have felt so comfortable, the girls are themselves, allowing for incredibly beautiful portraits and great memories.”

Daryth Stallone

Wednesday 20 May
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“When we built our home, we wanted something extraordinarily special to commemorate all of the heart and soul we put into building our dream home. We were looking for the perfect piece to put above our mantle that encompassed all that our new home was to us. As we looked around and saw the portraits taken by Gregory Daniel that have captured our family’s journey over the last 14 years, we knew that another spectacular piece is exactly what we wanted.”

Debbie Keller

Wednesday 25 February
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“Gregory and Lesa are a great team.  Not only do they have a keen eye for balance, mood, lighting, and composition, but are fun to work with.  Our kids did not feel the time pass during the portrait session.  The results are nothing short of fantastic.  Thanks for these great memories that will be cherished forever.”

Angela Valdivia

Call to start designing your Gregory Daniel Portrait 321-269-1567

Wednesday 22 October
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Our family had a fantastic experience working with Gregory and Lesa Daniel. Starting with our initial design consultaiton about what we envisioned, throughout the entire camera study and during our exciting selection process Gregory and Lesa both made us feel extraordinary. The whole family had fun with our session on the beach. Greg and Lesa were very patient with our boys wanting to play football during the session! Their exquisite taste and artful eyes made selecting the handcrafted frames a delight. They truly define client satisfaction. We are elated with the beautiful mixed media portrait they uniquely designed created for our family and beautiful home. We will cherish our handcrafted portrait for years and look forward to working with Gregory and Lesa again in the future.  

The Dodge Family

Friday 01 August
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I have been asked if we would put on our blog, some of the portraits from our model searches, and of course the answer is YES!  If you hop over to our website, you will see them in the Fine Art B&W style.  Yet, in an effort to make it more special, we are highlighting them right here on our blog!  We love all our models and from time to time we will showcase them right here!!!
Enjoy these beautiful people and beautiful faces:

Tuesday 27 May
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As seen on Facebook and Instagram, Greg was involved in a book signing last week.  Early in his career, 1990, he was invited to be a part of Cameracraftsmen of America, an invitation only organization of 40 of the country’s best photographers.   Every five years, Cameracraftsmen produces a book with the work of all the members who wish to participate, and is of the utmost quality!!!  The books, Greg is signing, belong to Sarah Smith of Minnesota and are from 2005 and 2010.  Next year at this time, the 2015 books will be released and available for signing.  If you are interested, we have a few of the 2005 and 2010 copies left.  Let us know if you would like one for your library.
We are very proud of Greg, not only because he has been published many times over, but because he takes great pride in hand crafting uniquely designed portraits for our clients, and because he will always have the desire to be better today than he was yesterday! 


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