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Tuesday 03 October
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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We were familiar with Gregory Daniel’s work from family and friends over the years and had always admired their portraits. We always knew that one day we would love to have one in our home. When I saw the package at the Derby Day auction I knew this was our chance and I had to win. Fortunately I did and soon after  met with Greg and Lesa to plan our session. We decided to do a portrait of our daughter Emerson. She is 2 ½ and we wanted to capture her at this special stage of no longer being a baby and becoming such a fun little girl. We were a little nervous how she would be during the session. Greg and Lesa were so amazing with her! Lesa kept her so entertained she thought she was on a play date and not a photography session. She was always excited to go and “play” with Mr. Greg and Mrs. Lesa when we met for the design and reveal appointments. The portrait is stunning to say the least! It is something that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. We are so thankful we had the opportunity to work with Greg and Lesa and look forward to working with them again.
Amy Lange
Monday 18 September
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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Thursday 14 September
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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"All of our portrait albums are wrapped in bags and in a walk in closet. We have the giant canvases with us in the cars headed to Drew's parents house. We should be an ad for you all. It's the only thing we prepped for the storm were Greg's pieces of art and his creations"...

Nel Hayes, Tampa


Wednesday 30 August
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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We treasure our family portrait! We timed it just right so it could be hung in our new home! In the design phase of the house, the wall it hangs on was going to be a half wall and we decided to make a full wall. The full wall gave us the perfect place for the portrait to be hung in the most appealing visional location and is hung in a place of honor!
Thank you,

Kymm & Kevin Ivey

Wednesday 16 August
By Gregory Daniel Portrait
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We have many family photos adorning the walls of our home but this is our very first family portrait. We had seen other homes with portraits in the past, but never thought of having our own. Once we met Gregory and Lesa we knew it was our turn and it was just the right time. 

There's nothing quite like doing a camera study with this amazing duo. They knew how to capture the unique and precious qualities of our children and made us laugh and smile the whole way through!

The experience from the very beginning to the final reveal of the portrait on our wall was nothing short of exciting! We get many compliments from guests about our portrait, but the best part is seeing our children's faces light up when they see themselves and how they talk about themselves and the family in the portrait. Kids love to see themselves up on the walls and hanging pictures are great, but they just don't compare to a Gregory Daniel Portrait!

Thank you Gregory and Lesa for a memorable experience and a cherished family portrait!

Jeanne and Steven Terry 

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