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That stretch of beach where you first walked hand in hand. The front steps where he scraped his little knee.  Mom and Dad’s back porch, where you have come time and again for love, encouragement and perspective. It’s those special places, the ones that will always be synonymous with family.  We understand, we have a few places of our own like that.  We know you can’t imagine taking your portrait anywhere else and neither can we.  Gregory Daniel Portraits offers on location camera studies in your home, at the beach and just about anywhere else that is special to you. 


That face.  It’s how you want to remember her, how you want to be remembered.  A portrait should reflect timelessness and that’s exactly what you’re after.  Our Fine Art portraits, shot exclusively in black and white are instant classics.  Timeless reminders of your family captured forever in a single moment.  The delicate lighting, the dark surround, both providing the perfect environment for capturing the thing that matters most: that face.


It’s Shakespeare, it’s cashmere, it’s a strand of pearls:  a classic, an icon.  Something extraordinary that speaks to the tradition of generations.  It never goes out of style.  Our Today’s Classics are portraits that truly last a lifetime.  Set in our studios, complimented by draping, antiques and architectural elements, these images combine the classic techniques of the past with the modern spirit of you and your family. Inspired by the grand portraits of Rembrandt, Gainsborough & Sargent, these images are memories on canvas. Perfectly preserved for future generations.